On Friday 26th January the « commission international » organized an English day.

The entire school wore uniforms. White shirts and ties with black pants or skirts. Every class reunited in the playground we all listened to the national anthem 

« God Save the King ». 

Each class level did different activities with the students. We had a traditional English meal for lunch : Fish & Chips, peas and ice cream.

All 7 classes of Maternelle participated in English Day suitably dressed in traditional school uniform, with hand-made, decorated ties. The workshop began learning a song and dance to the nursery rhyme of London Bridge Is Falling Down, followed by a challenge to work together to build a bridge. They could use either kapla, lego, duplo or stickle bricks to build their bridge from one side of the river to the other, without it falling down. Later, with the help of Paddington Bear, we learnt how to make orange marmalade, followed by a tasty “gouter” of Paddington’s favourite…. marmalade sandwiches.

Nicola Holmes and Sean Jackson

In CP; we watched a video about schools/school uniforms in England, 3 activities were in place: school uniforms cut and stick worksheet,  coloring London monuments, and the must, a huge poster with children’s pictures about London features (it was a great time, sharing my experience in London). Then we had tea time, with English biscuits and juice. Some of the CP class had time to watch a short video about Paddington. A wonderful day !

In CE1 and CE2 , children enjoyed making  a poster about London features , coloring some London’s monuments and discovering  English  students at school in London (on TV).They were curious about life in London. We had a great time sharing experiences in London|.

Anne Marie Morvan

In CE1, we celebrated English Day at school on 26 January!

We researched fun facts about London, spoke about British culture, and did an activity about the places the children would like to visit in London. To round off we had a talent contest in which the children presented themselves in English!

It was a day to celebrate the diversity and richness of the English language.


All the school gathered around Union Jack, listening to the British anthem “God save the king “to start our English day.

Students from CE2 and CM1 classes made beautiful posters about Great Britain traditions, monuments , celebrities , food and money. They did amazing work. Then the CM1 went to the nursery school to offer the youngest pupils some jelly . We ended our English day with a “tea time” with CE2 classes.

CE2 class wearing their uniform , very happy and proud kids.

Agnes Cabezas

For our English day the CM1 3 and the CM2 classes watched videos about  English schools, food and sports. We also made our own English crowns. We tasted English biscuits for our snack. At the end of the day the CM2 watched the traditional Mr Bean with their class teachers. What an amazing day it was.

Beatrice Segarra 

The English team 🇬🇧 🇺🇸

Nicola, Sean, Anne Marie, RaKhi, Agnes, Beatrice.