Halloween art project – English maternelle

This multi week project incorporated many aspects including language, art, science and culture. The children had the opportunity to explore color theory, emotions and parts of the body and face. Whilst being immersed in the English language required to complete the tasks the children also needed to cooperate with others, develop their own creative idea and take responsibility for their tools and cleaning. The project also allowed the children to develop fine motor skills, artistic techniques and practical life skills. 

The first stage of the project was to mix yellow and red to create the orange background for their pumpkins. The next stage involved mixing blue and yellow to make the green for their monsters. Finally the children created purple by mixing blue and red. 

The next stage involved learning emotions (happy, sad, angry, scarred, etc) and designing pumpkins based on this language. Children also needed the language to describe a face (eyes, nose, mouth). 

Following this, we learned more parts of the body (arms, legs, head) and made monsters.  The children used their knowledge numbers in English to describe their unique designs e.g. one mouth, five eyes.

The project focused on the process of making the art, meaning that the children had complete creative control which resulted in many weird and wonderful Halloween decorations which were used to decorate the school for our annual Halloween party.

Sean Jackson

Professeur d’Anglais