For St Patrick’s day with Maternelle we dance to the sound of Irish music and color our good luck charm ! We read about leprechaun and magic rainbow! What a day !

Lauren Sebban

Our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations started dressed in green with the shamrocks that we decorated. We discovered the Irish Bodhran drum, and created rhythms with our wooden sticks, inspired by the Lord of the Dance Irish dancers.

Nicola Holmes

CP1/CP2/CP3 watched a diaporama about Ireland and the location in a world map, then they played « Hide-and-seek “. They  had to answer riddles to find the gold coins in the classroom , after that they counted their treasure . At the end we sang « Have you ever seen a leprechaun “ . They had a lot of fun hunting the gold coins ! CE2/3  watched a diaporama about IRELAND , ST Patrick’s day celebration then they made a ‘Magic milk experiment ‘This caused swirls and bursts of fun rainbow colors .A fascinating example of chemistry in action ! They had a lot of fun .  

Teacher Hannah

For St Patrick’s day the CE1s  decorated a pot of gold! The children decorated their pots and  cut out coins to fill their pots. We sang – Have you ever seen a Lerprechaun..!

Teacher Rakhi 

For Saint Patrick, the CE2 classes made their own crown with shamrocks or rainbows on it. They did a hunt in the playground. They had to find as many shamrocks as possible hidden in the school with clues to help. The CM1 classes made lovely crowns that they wore proudly for the photo . They also watched a video about the legend of Saint Patrick and the Leprechaun .

Agnes Cabeza

CM1 / CM2  This year for St Patrick’s day we read a worksheet with some facts. We watched a video on St Patrick’s for kids with fun facts. Then it was time for some Art so we made a bookmark. For those who were very quick there was also a word search to do, the others will do it during their spare time.

Beatrice Segarra